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Growing up in my hometown, which is under Treaty with the Chippewas of Georgina, I had the incredible fortune of attending numerous local POW WOWs. Through this community, was taught the traditional practice of smudging using authentic Indigenous tools and was able to learn first-hand the power and beauty that accompanies these sacred traditions. This ignited my passion in learning and studying cultural traditions from around the world and has always guided me towards exciting and enlightening experiences.


When I went off to College, I had the opportunity to further my understanding of the different Indigenous tribes in Canada. I was exposed to the Oneida Nation of the Thames, whom I was able to learn from and experience their traditional POW WOWs and practices as well.  

 After continuous study, and thanks to my superhero of a mentor, I was introduced to the world of energy and intuitive healing through Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Angel Readings and many other alternative therapies; practices that would eventually help me overcome personal obstacles and shape my identity.

Becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner under the Usui Shiki Ryoho method, I am able to continue feeling this incredible energy every day and help others experience it too. This feeling fuelled my dream to help other women overcome their own obstacles; by showing them how powerful and unconditionally loved they truly are. Through offering Reiki energy healing and oracle card readings, I hope to share what I have learned along the way and help other women step into their power by embracing their own unique journey. 


Intuitive healing is my passion. In founding Bluum Wellness I am excited to have the opportunity to share with you tools that can help facilitate finding joy and peace on your journey of healing and personal growth.


I think of myself as a student of all aspects of healing. I love learning about different spiritual teachings from around the world and incorporating them into my practice. Reason being, in the Western world we are extremely detached from our roots and this has resulted in us becoming more stressed, detached, tired and sicker than ever before. The fast-paced life style has become our illness. The alternative therapies and modalities I have studied are used to bring our body, mind and spirit back into balance. 

I speak from both professional and personal experience, as these practices have lead me to where I am now in my journey. It is why I am so incredibly passionate about helping other women achieve the same.

If there is one piece of advice I could share with you, it would be the importance of knowing the traditional land you live on. Land acknowledgement is the first stepping stone in commemorating and showing gratitude to Indigenous peoples' relationships with the land. It brings us towards reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and those who have settled here. Not only is land acknowledgment important, but I strongly encourage you to educate yourself and understand the historical trauma that took place towards Indigenous communities and culture, and how it is still prevalent today. 

To learn which native lands you are on, visit 


Certified Reiki Practitioner


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Certified Angel Card Reader



Crystal Therapy Healing Diploma



Various Workshops: past lives, patterns, contracts and kharma


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The Science of Well Being - Yale University





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