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5 Ways to Clear Your Crystals

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Before use, make sure you are cleansing your crystals and dispelling any existing energy that has has attached itself to your crystals. Think of how many people may have handled it from the ones mining it, to various store employees, to fellow shoppers... you get my point. This necessary step will cleanse unwanted energy so there is room for your own.

P.S: If you received your crystal from one of our Bluum Wellness Boxes, you can be assured that our crystals were cleared prior to being sent your way. They are also infused with Reiki energy to make sure they are operating at their highest frequency!

  1. SUN SOAKING FOR 24 HOURS Place crystal outside in the sun or on your window sill. Be mindful of how long you leave them there, as long-term exposure to the sunshine may fade the colour of the crystal.

  2. WATER SHOCKING Hold the crystals in your hand and run them under the tap for a few minutes using cold water or place the crystals in a bowl of water for a few minutes. *Note: some crystals are not water soluble!

  3. MOON SOAKING OVERNIGHT Place your crystals outside in the moonlight or on your window sill. Full moons are a perfect time to clear and recharge your crystals.

  4. SAGE/PALO SANTO STICK Place your crystals on the table, let the smoke billow around the crystals. You can also hold the sage or Palo Santo and wave it over the crystals in an infinity sign motion, as it is an extremely powerful sign of protection.

  5. USING OTHER CRYSTALS Place the crystals you want to cleanse on or near selenite and/or clear quartz for a few hours. Selenite is an extremely powerful cleansing tool and clear quartz is as pure as it's appearance; this will increase the positive vibration of surrounding crystals and remove any lingering negative energy.

Make sure you incorporate cleansing your crystals into your routine! If you do not cleanse them enough, their frequency will weaken and you will not be able enjoy the fruitful benefits they have to offer!

For more information on how to work with your crystals, check out our ebook Talk Crystals to Me!

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