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How to Work With Your Blue Kyanite Crystal

Blue Kyanite is a powerful energy booster. It removes blockages and stagnant energy, bringing you an increased sense of vitality. It encourages self-expression and dissipates any fear of speaking your truth. Blue Kyanite is a stone of connection and inner peace. It prevents any self-destructive tendencies and instead, encourages self-empowerment so you can fully step into your power and embrace every aspect of self. Blue Kyanite works to raise your vibration to the highest frequency so you can be come a manifestation magnet. It is also a great crystal for public speakers and entertainers.

Associated Chakra: Throat & Third Eye

Placement: Bedroom, living room or office

Water Cleansing: No


  • Balances Yin and Yang

  • Enhances psychic abilities

  • Connects you to the grounding energy of the earth

  • Encourages speaking your truth

  • Balances the chakras


* These are believed to be the health benefits of this crystal:

  • Alleviates symptoms of pain

  • Helps to heal thyroid issues

  • Brings relaxation to the mind and body

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