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How to Work With Your Carnelian Crystal

Carnelian is a stone of personal power and stability that increases courage and confidence. It works to protect against negative emotions such as jealousy, resentment and anger. This crystal encourages positive life choices and helps one take action and control in their life.

Carnelian brings with it positivity, love and a connection to your inner-self. It also balances both male and female reproductive systems as it is full of life force energy.

Associated Chakra: Sacral, Root and Solar Plexus

Placement: Kitchen or bedroom

Water Cleansing: Yes


  • Clears negativity from surrounding stones

  • Protects from negative emotions such as fear, anger and envy

  • Helps with overcoming substance abuse

  • Encourages self-trust and clears one's perception

  • Increases fertility and stimulates one's sexuality

  • Stimulates creativity and motivation

PHYSICAL HEALING PROPERTIES: * These are believed to be the health benefits of this crystal:

  • Helps release tension in the body

  • Eases lower back pain

  • Alleviates pain caused by arthritis.

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