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How to Work With Your Moonstone Crystal

Moonstone connects you to the energy of the moon and nudges you towards embracing your feminine energy. It is a stone very symbolic of the Divine Feminine, opening your goddess energy so it can flow freely. It unlocks your inner-knowing and awareness of your subconscious mind. This stone is great for meditation and creative projects. Moonstone is also referred to as the "Traveler's stone" for its ability to bring good luck to travellers and light their path.

Associated Chakra: Crown, Third Eye & Solar Plexus

Placement: Near the bed, studios or workspaces

Water Cleansing: Yes


  • Unlocks Divine Feminine & goddess energy

  • Powerful stone for opening intuition

  • Emotionally calming

  • Increases inner-knowing

  • Brings success and good fortune

  • Invokes inner-strength and encourages growth


* These are believed to be the health benefits of this crystal:

  • Balances emotions caused from PMS

  • Supports fertility & pregnancy

  • Supports the physical heart

  • Aids the digestive system

  • Balances your circadian rhythm

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