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How to Work With Your Moss Agate Crystal

Moss Agate is known as the "Gardner's" stone for its ability to connect with the magical energy of Mother Earth. It encourages new beginnings and assists with your personal reawakening by bringing your passions and creative side back to life. This stone works to help you fully express yourself, so you can begin living authentically with confidence and self acceptance. It is a stone that attracts great success, wealth and happiness and removes feelings of stress, fear and doubt. Moss Agate is very powerful when used to harness positive energy and positive outcomes.

Associated Chakra: Heart

Placement: Kitchen, Living room or Office. It is great to place near your house plants.

Water Cleansing: Yes


  • Brings comfort to new beginnings

  • Assists with communication and self expression

  • Connects to the energy of the earth

  • Promotes creativity

PHYSICAL HEALING PROPERTIES: * These are believed to be the health benefits of this crystal:

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Boosts the immune system

  • Cleanses the circulatory system

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