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How to Work With Your Selenite Crystal

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

This beautiful crystal's name originates from the name Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. This is because of its beauty and how its light white reflection resembles the moon.

Selenite is a calming and incredibly peaceful stone that is commonly used to purify the energy of its surrounding space and the people in it. It is also used to cleanse and charge other crystals. Selenite is self-cleansing and therefore it does not need to be cleansed.

Associated Chakra: Crown and Third Eye Placement: high traffic areas i.e. main entrance, living room or kitchen

Water Cleansing: No


  • Gentle and calming energy that is of pure light and love. It is a stone of wisdom and spirituality

  • Helps you to elevate your vibration so that you can access a higher awareness and guidance

  • Protects against negative energy and lower vibrations

  • Perfect stone for meditation and spiritual work

  • Works to align the spinal column

PHYSICAL HEALING PROPERTIES: * These are believed to be the health benefits of this crystal:

  • Promotes a restful sleep

  • Selenite is believed to align the spinal column and improve flexibility

  • Alleviates stress, reducing the varying harmful effects to the body. Keeps your body, skin, and hair feeling their best.

Cleanse and Purify Your Space With Selenite

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